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What You'll Get


How to create the most marketable and niche subject matter for your book.


The pros and cons of self-publishing versus working with an agent or traditional publisher.


How to get your book distributed on Kindle, Apple iBookstore, and bookstores nationwide.


How to use social media to sell books, engage with readers, and build your platform.


How to position the book topic, title, cover, and content to attract your target audience and increase sales.


What it takes to become an® bestseller.


How to get your book distributed on Kindle, Apple iBookstore, and bookstores nationwide.


How to leverage your book to create multiple streams of income for your business.

Creator of 
Bestseller in a Weekend®

Alicia Dunams

Hi 👋🏽! I’m Alicia. For over 16 years, I've helped thousands of people (like you!) become bestselling authors through my Bestseller in a Weekend® online course, professional author services, and via my signature coaching programs, Publish to Profit and The Book Funnel.

I’ve written three books and working on my fourth; I am also a national leadership development keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for Fortune 1000 companies, non-profits, and the US military. 

Now, I want to help YOU write YOUR Bestseller!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get with Bestseller in a Weekend®?
A complete, actionable course that guides you into creating your 20,000-plus word non-fiction manuscript to ready you for publishing your book!  At the end of the course, you will have your manuscript ready and will have learned how to position your book, what you need to do to get your book on Amazon, how to go beyond publishing your book, and more!

Does this work for both non-fiction and fiction?
Bestseller in a Weekend® is designed to help you write your non-fiction work to position you as an authority on your chosen subject matter.

How long does Bestseller in a Weekend® take to complete?
Bestseller in a Weekend® is intended to be completed over three days (a weekend), and I strongly encourage you to set aside the time to ensure you get the maximum impact from the course; however, you can complete it at your own pace.

What happens after I complete the course?
 At that point, you'll want to take the next steps toward publishing your book and getting it on the bestseller list!

"I could actually write a book on writing a book after the Bestseller in a Weekend experience and following the Publish to Profit journey. I am so glad that I trusted my intuition and wrote the book I wanted to write, not just want I thought people would want to read. Working with Alicia and her team has been a great experience and I am so proud of what I've accomplished and excited for what's to come!"

- Michelle D. Reines, Author of BADASS LEADER

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Our customers and clients aren't just satisfied, they are writing books, getting keynote speaking opportunities, expanding their creditability, growing their businesses and making money.

Tracy, Leadership Consultant

“If you are thinking about writing a book, Alicia and her team are a great support system to help you achieve that."

Jace, Agency Owner

“I was blown away during Bestseller In A Weekend and how much we accomplished in short period of time.”

Pamela, Spiritual Strength Coach

“Thanks to Alicia and her team, I'm a Best Selling Author on Amazon.”

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